Folklore Reading Nook

Hello My name is Stephanie Similien
I am a Haitian-American blogger living in the Sunshine state.

I like letter writing, reading folktales, speculative fiction, afrofuturism and romance. I’m a movie buff too. My guilty pleasures are creating t-shirt designs and making minimalist movie posters.

I am a student of the world, forever learning and sharing the wealth. Please bear with me as I figure out how to navigate on this platform and the rest of the world too. 😛

My Favorite Book and Film
My favorite book is Cheaters by Eric Jerome Dickey.

Fav movie : Vampire in Brooklyn will forever be my favorite film. It’s a campy horror film from the year 2000 starring Eddie Murphy and Angela Bassett. It’s more funny than it is scary.

My Life Today
The people closest to me would say: I am on a journey to self discovery.

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