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10 Steps to writing a killer dating profile with spoken word poet Tamara Blue

Step 1-Be Honest. My friend Tika doesn’t tell the people she meets her real name or give out her phone number. At first, they exchange emails until they are better acquainted. Then once she gets to know you a bit better she will exchange digits. It’s okay to have stage names but it’s not okay to hide things like what you do for a living or whether or not you have children or even a wife. In her bio Tika mentions her kids but does not like the idea of having pictures of her kids floating around the web like that. Even, if you are single and on your own, imagine yourself five years from now. Ten years from now. If you want kids in the future include this in your bio. If you do not have children but do not want them in the future write about that. If you have children of your own but are not interested in raising any more kids, be honest and upfront about it.

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