Top 10 black bibliophiles of youtube

A list of all things #blacknbookish on youtube

Merriam Webster described a bibliophile as someone who loves or collects books. I am bibliophile to some degree but not like booktubers. Youtube isn’t just for how to videos and beauty hacks. Many people are enthralled with the world of booktube, a book community on YouTube. Book lovers can go on Youtube and watch booktubers slow read, speed read, review and discover new books.

I am book collector and I recently discovered booktube. What is booktube? Booktube is a community of bibliophiles who make youtube videos about books they’ve read and issues they face in the booktube community. Recent uploads may include most recent book hauls, TBR list which as you might have guess stands for to be read list. Race and diversity is a hot topic on booktube lately as many black youtubers on booktube have spoken out on topics like racism and discrimination on the youtube.

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