Deja Vu

The chief of police interrupted my meditations this morning. He needs someone who can provide a unique insight on a homicide case. He heard I returned back to town from my brother. Aries told Chief Tony that I have my aunt Mamoon’s gifts. Everyone in town believed she was a psychic. She worked with the chief occasionally to solve some of their toughest crimes.

Tach Kafe is open for business

Tach Kafe is the hot snack bar that opened up down the street. There was a grand opening last week and then the police came and shut everything down. It’s a shame too because they make the best Mcgriot in town. Mr. Stanley and his wife worked as coffee farmers for ten years before they decided to open up the shop. Mrs. Stanley comes from a family of coffee farmers. The young couple are well known in town and their grand opening was a hit. There was live music and the food is always on point.

I was there having lunch with Katya when one of the customers found a hand in the walk in freezer. Aries believes it belong to Mr. Stanley. The police found his emerald wedding ring caught in the drain. Mrs. Stanley was brought in for questioning but she’s still too distraught to talk.

To be continue…

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