A list of all things #blacknbookish on youtube

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Merriam Webster described a bibliophile as someone who loves or collects books. I am bibliophile to some degree but not like booktubers. Youtube isn’t just for how to videos and beauty hacks. Many people are enthralled with the world of booktube, a book community on YouTube. Book lovers can go on Youtube and watch booktubers slow read, speed read, review and discover new books.

I am book collector and I recently discovered booktube. What is booktube? Booktube is a community of bibliophiles who make youtube videos about books they’ve read and issues they face in the booktube community. Recent uploads may include most recent book hauls, TBR list which as you might have guess stands for to be read list. Race and diversity is a hot topic on booktube lately as many black youtubers on booktube have spoken out on topics like racism and discrimination on the youtube.

They also discuss topics such as love, gender, diversity, on this platform these youtubers really spill the tea. Discuss what’s hot and create some unique hashtags and games. One thing I notice when I first started to get into the booktube community is the passion booktubers have for books. There is so much to learn so I have compiled a short list of black booktubers I found using the tag #blacksoullit #blacknbookish and #booktub. This is NOT a complete list. I hope to update with more awesome YouTube channels that involve the subject of afrofuturism, black literature, african diaspora, poems and more. This blog celebrates black achievement in literature and other mediums.

1. Charisse Monet


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Charisse Monet review of The people vs Alex Cross James Patterson – (audiobook )

2. Next we have Jojo the great a black booktuber with a variety of reviews and topics on booktube. See Jojo the great discussion of Cat on a hot tin roof by Tennessee Williams.

3. Rachel Rae‘. Check out her pick for 2019 anticipated books.

4. December 2018 TBR or end of year books To Be Read by Left on read

5. Rae of books. This youtuber also has a wordpress blog with the same name and links to her social media platforms are on the youtube channel

6. Cam Pirrip a young black man on booktube. He posts his reading and writing goals, writing tips and book reviews. He also posts his thoughts on authors. Check out his video below about James Patterson.

7. Rediscover the power of love. With 3 book from The storyscape’s #booksinchill tag. It’s good vibes only with this soft spoken beauty. The storyscape really sets the mood right. Romance and booktube is there a better pair.

8. The novel Lush. Her youtube channel features book reviews and all things bookish as it relates to urban fantasy and the paranormal genre. The Novel Lush speaks candidly on her channel. Curl up with a good book and a glass of wine or maybe tea. Check out her channel to see what I mean. I found her race and booktube video and subscribed immediately thereafter. She reminds me of distant cousin who I stumbled upon again at the coffee shop near my college campus. Sweet as pie but her tongue is sharp. The Novel Lush unboxing and reading excerpts a black lit from Noir reads

9.Troi towel is another male youtuber part of the black booktube world. Troi towel brings humor to his all his videos. He is pretty corny but worth checking out for his interesting take on the booktube world. He and other black booktubers can found under the tag #blacksoullit

10. I found Onyx pages under the afrofuturism tag. click the link to view in subscribe to her channel. Below is a video from her channel which feature 100 booktubers you should follow. With 10x more booktubers than I featured in my article her video is the ultimate booktube directory. Go check her out.

Some cool things about this booktuber: She created a unique rating system and numbers her videos to make it easier to follow her booktube journey from the beginning. I hope to incorporate similar rating system when I start posting book reviews here. Stay tuned for more of my top 10 list on booktube.